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Sell your life insurance today

Getting Started with Life Insurance

Yes, since 1911 in the US Supreme Court case “Grigsby vs Russell”, your life insurance policy is considered an asset to be sold for cash.

There are many factors taken into account when valuing your policy. These include face amount, cash value, premium payment, and health status. Let FairMarket Life Settlements PROVIDE A FREE ESTIMATE! 

You can sell your policy today by contacting FairMarket Life Settlements to help you through the transaction.

Discover the Fairmarket Process

Weigh The Options

See if a Life Settlement fits your current life plan for parting with your life insurance, and make sure you are getting the most value from an idle asset.

Initial Consultation

Pre-application process to gather initial information determines qualification and estimated value. There is no cost to the insured.


If a life settlement seems like the best option for parting with your life insurance.


Offers are obtained from multiple bidders, and the best and final offer is presented. There is no obligation to accept the offer.


If the policy holder decides to accept the offer, contracts are drafted for review.

Why Sell Your Policy?


The Policy is no Longer Needed or Wanted

Life situations can change and there may not be a need for your policy.


Your Estate Planning Needs may have Changed

Family / Personal situations can change with time, as do estate tax laws, affecting your life insurance needs.


The Premiums are no longer affordable

Premiums become expensive. Selling your policy relieves you of this burden.


Unplanned medical expenses have come up

Medical needs can be sudden. You can use this cash to pay for them.