Financial Professionals

Fairmarket Process

At FairMarket Life Settlements, we are a direct buyer for life insurance policies through financial professionals. This increases the possible value for professionals and their clients by coming straight to us. We have underwriters on hand to give you a full qualification notice in less than 24 hours. We aim to make the process as quick and simple as possible for the financial professional and their clients. Our team is prepared and qualified to streamline the process in an effective and efficient manner. Below are documents that will help us take you through this journey.

Life Insurance Diagram - Agent

Required Client Documents

These documents are needed to properly price your clients policy to give an estimation.

  • Annual Statement
  • Policy Copy
  • Illustration – Minimum Level to Maturity

States We Are Licensed In

**FairMarket only accepts applications and purchases policies from states where we are licensed, or where no such licensure is required.  If you do not reside (or your client does not reside if you are an agent) in a state in which FairMarket is licensed, please do not submit an application for a life settlement.

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