Sell your Whole Life Policy today

Receive Cash 

Use this cash for any expenses you may have:

  • Fund your retirement. 
  • Fund children’s college tuition.
  • Unexpected medical expenses.


Stop Making Payments

We pay the premiums to keep the policy in force and grow our investment:

  • Get cash now. 
  • Retain a portion of insurance. 
  • Avoid future premium payments.

Keep a Portion of Coverage

Retain the death benefit throughout the life of the policy

  • Get the cash you need while continuing to protect your loved ones or business. 

Steps to the Process

  1. Contact us for a quote and the answers you need. (see “Required Items” below)
  2. Review with your trusted financial advisor.
  3. Sign the offer in acceptance. 
  4. Total transaction completed in approximately 30-45 days.

Required Items needed for an offer:

  • Illustration #1: *Pay off any policy loan first*, then scheduled whole life premiums to maturity, using dividends to purchase paid up insurance
  • Illustration #2: *Pay off any policy loan first*, then reduced paid up with no further premiums, using dividends to purchase paid up insurance
  • Current Policy Statement: Separate from illustration to show current values
  • Disregard “**” if loan does not apply 

Important Points

  • Your age and current health condition is not a contributing factor. 
  • We share the family’s interest in the continued good health of the insured.
  • Instead of surrendering the policy to the carrier, retain a portion of the coverage and receive cash at closing.
  • We accept polices that already have loans against them.

Reasons to Sell Your Whole Life Policy

  • Need immediate cash for personal reasons.
  • Can no longer afford the premium payments.
  • No longer a wise investment.
  • Estate planning needs have changed.


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